Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Movement Essay

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Adolf Hitler is the epitome of evil. He was a monster, villain, and a lowlife. The Holocaust changed the world forever. But how did Hitler do it? How did Hitler convince 70 million innocent, normal, rational thinking German people to follow and support him and the Nazi movement? How did Hitler convince and alter the thoughts of ordinary people and succeed in creating an obedient army that followed and listened to anything he said, no matter how outrageous it might have been?[i]
While Hitler 's plan was abhorrent with atrocities against human values, Hitler was also a master of the science of coercion and persuasion. He had a special ability to be charismatic and engaging when speaking to large audiences and crowds.[ii] His delivery has been analogized to hypnotism. When he spoke, his voice had an elevated air in its delivery. With animated body language, combining gestures with emotion, Hitler communicated his ideas in a manner that would excite a crowd.[iii]
When Hitler spoke, he would drive home his message by repeating the same mantra over and over: Germany had been great. Germany had been betrayed at the end of World War I (“WWI”). The Jews and communist were responsible. These ideas and principles became the foundation to Hitler 's army.[iv] He mobilized people by creating a common hatred of the Jews by convincing the German people that the Jews were responsible for Germany 's defeat in WWI.[v]
The Treaty of Versailles was the peace treaty signed at the…

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