Essay on Adolf Hitler And The Fuhrer

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Taking one’s thoughts and ideas then convert them to putting the words on paper, it is a very simple concept yet it can have such a strong impact it has the power to change the world as a whole. This is demonstrated in 1925 when Adolf Hitler, also known as the Führer, published his novel Mein Kampf which included his views on nation and race and the anti-semitic ideology that many agreed and related with. With this novel the Führer was able to convert a whole civilized nation and turn it into the sinister super power that was Nazi Germany thus leading to the worst war this world has ever seen and the evil acts committed at concentration camps such as Auschwitz and all with only the use of words, which can be the most powerful be the most powerful weapon of all.

Hogrefe, Hendrik Karsten. “ Nazi aggression: Planned or improvised?”. Student, 3 January 2012, Many modern and past historians believe that “Hitler aimed consistently at expansion and war… this interpretation comes from Mein Kampf” (Hogrefe 1) thus hinting to the idea that Hitler had a master plan since the beginning of his political career. This includes his imprisonment, his struggle and the war that had been brewing for years. He needed these to prove to his people that the way Germany had been treated was unfair and they were not to blame. At the same time there is also evidence that “Hitler had no blueprint for aggression…. He took advantage of the mistakes…

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