Essay about Adolf Hitler and Max

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Part 5

The Floating Book (Part 1)

1. Why do you suppose the narrator flashed forward to Rudy Steiner’s death? Do you think this knowledge improves or lessens your appreciation of the book? The flash forward to Rudy’s death improves your appreciation of the book because it makes you wonder why the book was floating in the river.

2. The Gamblers (A Seven-Sided Die)

1. “Max and Liesel were held together by the quiet gathering of words.” Explain. It symbolizes the bond and connection between Max and Liesel through crosswords. They held many similarities and experiences together.

2. How did Max make time pass as he spent days and weeks in the Huberman’s basement? Filling in
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Hitler used his words to harm people while Liesel to help others.

Part 9

The Snows of Stalingrad

1. What disturbing news did Michael Holzapfel bring to Himmel Street? Why did this news devastate Rosa Hubermann as well as his own mother? Robert Holtzapfel, Michael’s own brother died and his legs were blown at the shins, and Rosa is probably worried about Hans who is also at war.

2. Most of this story has not dealt with any personal stories of soldiers. What is your reaction to this section? It is shocking, as someone who we are acquainted to, has died.

The Ageless Brother

1. What finally laid the ghost of Liesel's brother to rest? She finally returned something to IIsa.

The Accident

1. Why did Hans survive the accident? Zuker, wanted to swap seats with Hans.

One Toolbox, One Bleeder, One Bear

1. What did Death mean when he commented about Liesel as she observed the dying survivor of the plane crash, “She did not back away or try to fight me, but I know that something told the girl I was there . . . she knew me and she looked me in my face and she did not look away . . . we both moved on”? It implies the connection between Liesel and Death.

2. What did Rudy give the dying pilot? Rudy puts the teddy bear on the dying pilot’s shoulders.

Part 10

The End of the World (Part 1)

1. How did Liesel survive the air strike on Himmel Street? How did words once again save her?

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