Essay on Adolf Hitler : A Harsh Time Period

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The history of Hitler has been a very harsh time period for various people of the German community and was a highlight of some of the most impressive propaganda techniques used to this day; Hitler made vague promises to gain recognition from the people of Germany.

Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889 in the town of Braunau; throughout his primary schooling, Hitler showed a large amount of intellectual potential and proceeded to be rather popular with his peers and was also admired for his leadership. At the age of 18, he proceeded to move to Vienna with money he was given after his father’s death in 1903 and he was focusing on perusing a career in art for the fact that this was his best subject throughout the school. Hitler decided to volunteer to fight for the German army and continued to get the rank of corporal, he won several awards of bravery including the iron cross first class. Throughout 1918, Hitler was blinded in a mustard attack of which he was sent to a hospital which caused the great depression and spending lots of time disappointed, at this point in time Hitler’s future seemed uncertain. In 1919, Hitler arranged and proceeded to go to a meeting with the German Workers Party, a group of spy’s for the German Army, although he disagreed with how they were prepared to lead him to make a passionate speech. Hitler quickly rose through the ranks and by 1921, he was named the National Socialist for the German’s Workers Party, this was the beginning of…

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