Adolescents Of Hispanic Origin Are At Higher Risk For Mental Health And Related Behavioral Problems

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Adolescents of Hispanic origin are at higher risk for mental health and related behavioral problems. As stated by authors Cabrera, Francisco, Villarruel & Hiram (2011), conduct problems can be detected early in childhood and can lead to substance abuse along with other serious delinquencies (p. 185). Unfortunately, experimenting with alcohol and drugs is common today among adolescents, as they do not immediately think of the consequences of their behavior. Alcohol and other drug problems are major causes of mortality and morbidity for adolescents and in many cases, is pediatric onset (Riggs, 2012) and can lead to medical and physiological illness such as depression, anxiety and heart disease. Alcohol use drinking during this delicate time in their lives can also have harmful effects on the developing adolescent brain.
To help reduce the influence of risky behaviors, strategies and interventions have been used to oppose these behaviors such as individual-level interventions that seek to change knowledge and attitudes so that youth are better able to resist influences that support drinking and increase penalties for violation of minimum legal drinking age laws, and reduce community tolerance for alcohol use by youth (Policy, Funding, Webzine & Council, n.d.). Per Feinstein, Richter, & Foster (2012), “teens who use any addictive substance before the age of 18 have a 1 in 4 chance of having a substance abuse disorder” and reported that since 2007, there have been an increase in…

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