Adolescent Perception Of Their Body Image And Self Esteem Essay

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(4)How does an adolescence perception of his or her physical appearance affect his or her self image and self esteem? Adolescents are often preocupied with their body image especially during early adolescence. Girls show more dissatisfaction with their bodies than boys, however, this negetive feeling towards the body becomes more positive towards the end of adolescence(Santrock, 2013). The negetive perception of their bodies creates various feelings of inadequacies and low self esteem during this period. This feeling is usually overcome later in late adolescence.
a) Undeniably, some behaviors characteristic of adolescents with eating disorder involves continous desire to be thin through starving, (anorexia nervosa) or by indulging in a binge and purge behavior, (Bulimia).(Santrock, 2013)
Hence, these behaviors include, weight below 85% of what is considered normal for their age, intense fear of weight gain, that does not reduce with weight loss, a distorted image of body shape, amnorrhea, preoccupation with food, depression /anxiety, difficulties controlling emotions, and are perfectionists. (Santrock, 2013). Other notable characteristics include stress, smoking, alcohol use, and problem with developing meaningful relationships.
b)However, strategies to eliminate eating disorders in adolescents include, promoting healthy eating attitudes and behaviours, promoting protective psychological factors, promoting satisfactory physical health, having a long‐term, sustainable,…

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