Adolescence Is The Burden Of Pressure And Soon Develop Social Phobia

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Adolescence is a transition from childhood to adulthood, between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age and sometimes extending from college graduation "(Potter and Perry, 2015). It is at this time that the adolescence is learning to think and act on their own with the help of his or her parents and trying to survive and prosper through his adolescence. The problem with this time is that the adolescence is learning how to act and is willing to try anything in order to find their place in society. In some instance, adolescents turn from the legal path and turn to drugs and alcohol. Other adolescence cannot stand the burden of pressure and soon develop social phobias. There are many aspects of adolescence. Physical development, psychosocial development, development of moral reasoning, health promotion and acute care. Timing varies greatly and physical changes happen quickly during puberty.
Sexual maturation follows the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. The primary characteristics are hormonal and physical changes need for reproduction. For the female the menarche or first menstrual period comes as early as twelve to thirteen years old. And the first ovulation or the release of fertilized egg arises at the age of thirteen and half(BOOK). In males the production of sperm and the first ejaculation at the age of thirteen(BOOK). "Secondary characteristics distinguish male and females" (Potter and Perry, 2015). Both female and male the secondary sexual…

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