Adlerian Theory Vs Reality Therapy

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with two older brothers was a bit challenging, but I cannot imagine my life without them. I know I would not be where I am today without their love and support.
All of the theories that we have discussed this semester all have a connection with one another and they each have dissimilar views as well. The first theory we discussed was Freud’s psychodynamic therapy that focused on personality development and an approach to psychotherapy to have a better understanding of human behavior (Corey, 2013). William Glasser rejected the Freudian Model because he did not agree with Freud’s principles. As we know that Glasser’s reality therapy focuses on choice and how we deal with our behaviors. A difference between reality therapy and psychoanalytic
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Alfred Adler worked with Sigmund Freud as part of the psychoanalytic movement, but he disagreed with his principles and parted ways from Freud. Adler did not think that human behavior could be based on biological determination instead he believes that social aspects, experiences, and personal goals were more significant. Some differences between them are that, Freud’s psychoanalytic theory is more objective, reductionist that divides the individual into the id, ego, and superego, and it emphasizes causality. Where the Adlerian theory is subjective, holistic where the individual is indivisible, and it emphasizes teleology. One major difference between them is that Freud believed that sexual tension was the basic human need and Adler believed people are motivated by social relationships. A …show more content…
I want my therapy approaches to be used within education, individual or group therapy, and family counseling settings. Making sure that it reaches people with disabilities and people who may have more of a psychological disorder. I definitely want to apply the Stowe theory in the school systems as an education approach to see child upbringing, school problems, and marriage and family issues.

Applications ---Article on Effects of Adlerian Play Therapy on Children’s Externalizing Behavior: Children’s externalizing behaviors tend to worsen over time causing problems in the

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