Adhd Essay

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder &ump; Autism in the Classroom
When teaching it must be expected that there will be students that have behavioral disorders. These disorders must be taken into consideration when giving these students the best education possible. Teachers must accommodate to these children and incorporate them into the daily classroom. Every teacher has their own methods of doing this and can use their creativity to come up with these strategies for teaching. Some strategies may not work, so instructors must put much thought into how they are going to accommodate to these particular students.
A very common disorder in children is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. These students have a difficult
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An important part is to allow the hyperactive child time to be active. The book also encourages the teacher to keep consistent contact with the child’s home (Slavin, 2009).
Research has found that in the past decade there has been an increasing number of students that have been diagnosed with ADHD (Brand et al., 2002). Due to the increase of children being diagnosed with this disorder, it is important for teachers to further their knowledge of ADHD and apply better teaching methods to incorporate these students into the classroom. Students with ADHD make up approximately 5-10% of all school-age children (White et al., 2010). Recently, teachers have been advised to provide frequent monitoring of these students. Along with frequent monitoring a quiet, structured, and predictable classroom can be helpful when teaching students with ADHD (Brand et al., 2002). Brand also states that in contrast to the quiet, structured classroom it is necessary to give students with ADHD choices, increased variety , active learning, as well as frequent breaks.
Teaching students with ADHD in elementary school differs from teaching students with this disorder who are in high school. A case study shows that in elementary students that were in grades 3-6 required low light in the classroom, lacked persistent attention, were not able to function well academically in the morning, and were more encourage by parents

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