Addressing The Obesity Epidemic Of Obesity Essay example

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Addressing the Obesity Epidemic Obesity becomes an epidemic in the United States and leads to many serious health conditions. Obesity can be harmful for health. People who are obese can have heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Obesity can be caused by overeating, lack of exercises, lack of sleep, some medicines, eating unhealthy foods and many other reasons. However, eating fast foods and lacking exercise are the chief causes of obesity, and both the government and people should be united to solve that problem. The reason why people who eat too many fast foods have obesity is that all the fast food are made with corn. All snacks contain corn syrup and corn starch that come from corn. In the book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” Michael Pollen describes “It’s all Corn” (10). Pollen said there are a lot of hiding corn in almost all fast foods because the meat in hamburger contain corn-fed cow, the cheese comes from the dairy cows that fed corn and almost all sodas that sold in fast food restaurants contain high-fructose corn syrup. High-fructose corn syrup is kind of sugar, and all the sodas contain the huge amount of that sugar than any other drinks. In addition, chicken nuggets that sold in fast food restaurants contain a lot of corn because it contains corn-fed chicken, corn flour from which batter is made, the corn starch and the corn oil to fry those nuggets. That’s why there is all corn in fast foods both directly and indirectly. Those corns in fast…

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