Additional Protocol to the Treaty of Asunción on the Institutional Structure of Mercosur

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Additional Protocol to the Treaty of Asunción on the Institutional Structure of MERCOSUR
Protocol of Ouro Preto

* Date: December 17, 1994 * Number of Chapters and Articles: 12 Chapters and 53 Articles * Main Motive: To create an institutional structure for MERCOSUR
In this protocol, the institutional structure of the MERCOSUR was defined. Each article describes in detail the languages to be used, the various bodies, their roles and their objectives. The various bodies identified under this are: * Common Market Council: The CMC is comprised of the ministers of Foreign Affairs and of the Economy of the four countries. It is the highest-level organization in charge of MERCOSUR’s decision-making and it is responsible for
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Formally, these teams are known as Working Subgroups of which there are currently 14 (communications, institutional aspects, technical rules and regulations, financial affairs, transport, the environment, industry, agriculture, energy and mining, labour affairs, healthcare, investments, electronic trade, and follow-up of the economic and trade situation) and are made up by officials of the four countries. Likewise, there are other negotiating forums dependent on the CMG in the form of Specialized Assemblies, Ad Hoc Groups, High-level Groups and Committees. For example, there are 11 Specialized Assemblies, related to such diverse issues as drugs, science and technology, tourism, trade promotion, women’s issues, municipalities, infrastructure for integration, cooperatives, cinematographic and audiovisual authorities, family agriculture, and official public defenders. This multiplicity of auxiliary organizations of a mixed technical-negotiating nature involving officials of nearly all areas of government has resulted in a widespread diffusion of the integration process within the public administration. On the other hand, the great variety of issues, individuals and work programs in various disciplines led to significant coordination problems and an overload of decision-making in the CMG. * MERCOSUR Trade Commission: The MTC is made up of four

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