Addiction Is A Dangerous Thing Essay

2348 Words Apr 13th, 2016 10 Pages
How would you feel if your family was torn apart, due to addictions to prescription medication? People do not seem to realize how dangerous prescription drug abuse can be. There are more and more people everyday getting addicted to prescription drugs. Yet, no one seems to try to put a stop to it. People of all ages can get addicted, teenagers, adults, or even kids. Addiction is a very dangerous thing. It not only hurts the people who are addicted, but it hurts the people around them too. Yes, it is possible to get help for addiction, but it’s not an easy or cheap process to go through. So why start it in the first place? People should stop completely depending on prescription medication and start to rely more on natural helpers. Addiction comes in many forms, whether dangerous is one of them or not. Yes, some people die from being addicted to prescription medication. But some people are smart enough to get help for it, go to rehabilitation centers, and finally stop abusing prescription drugs. Now, rehabilitation centers are not always cheap, but they are worth the cost. They save people 's lives, and that is priceless. Now, addiction isn’t only for people in big cities like New York. People in small towns can get addicted just as well. That’s why there are rehab centers throughout the whole country. Addiction could be the worst thing to happen to a person. It’s not a very comfortable thing. When the person stops taking that prescription drug they start to feel sick, and…

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