Addiction Essay

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Think of a time when you did something that you said you wouldn’t do again, yet you couldn’t resist just one more urge. Well you, my friend, had an addiction. An addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes a compulsive urge to engage in rewarding stimulation despite adverse consequences. As a result, the compulsive act can interfere with everyday responsibilities such as health, finances, relationships, and careers. Addiction can be classified as either substance or behavioral. In this presentation, I will discuss the most common types of addictions. These types include alcohol and drugs, food, shopping,gambling, plastic surgery, and sex.
The most common types of addiction are drugs and alcohol. This is a substance addiction. Drug and
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This can also be described as eating disorders. This is a behavioral addiction that is often caused by low self-esteem. Usually, women and young girls are victims of this addiction. One type of eating disorder is binge eating. This is when one is depressed and uses food to ease emotions. Some causes of binge eating are verbal and physical abuse, death of a loved one, and stress. Binge eating leads to obesity, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease and stroke. The other types of eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. Victims of these disorders see themselves as overweight. They harm themselves because they are afraid to gain weight. They focus their attention on body image instead of health, and have a strong desire to be thin. The National Eating Disorders Association says, “Anorexia nervosa has one of the highest death rates of any mental health condition.” Anorexia can lead to: amenorrhea, anemia, hair loss, osteoporosis, brain shrinkage, heart attacks, and death. Bulimia is when one overeats and then purges the food out of their body. Self-induced vomiting and laxative abuse are common in bulimia. It is also considered bulimia if one overeats and then immediately goes on a crash diet, fast, or excessiveexercising.Bulimia is very harmful to the body and causes major injuries to vital …show more content…
Plastic surgery is a form of cosmetic alteration that results in a new body image. It can actually be used for medical reasons, such as a broken nose, but often is used to change one’s appearance. People who suffer from this addiction are insecure and feed off of the opinions of others. They see themselves as ugly while others may consider them to be attractive. As a result of too many procedures, one can cause permanent damage to their skin and muscle tissue. Finally, sex addiction is very common. It is often hidden by the addict because of shame or embarrassment. People who are addicted to sex show interest in porn and multiple partners as well. In most cases, sex addiction develops from child molestation. Once a child is exposed to sexual acts they gain curiosity as an adolescent. These victims also harm others to express the pain they may have endured. Sex addiction can lead to intense anxiety, low self-esteem, STDs, and even legal

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