Adaptive Skills: Fraidy

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Adaptive Skills: Self-care: Fraidy D. is not a picky eater, eating most foods and textures. She doesn’t use the side of a fork to cut her food since she usually uses a plastic knife instead. Fraidy dresses and undresses alone properly with minimal help or supervision. She chooses clothing that she likes or desires to wear but it isn’t necessarily inclined to the weather but can be appropriate for the occasion. This can be due to the fact, that she has a uniform to wear to school but the mom mentioned that Fraidy will ask to wear a sweater in the summer but might refuse to wear one in the winter. She takes care of her own bodily needs but doesn’t bathe her-self for safety reasons.
Personal Responsibility: Fraidy is well aware of stranger
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She also has many close friends and will share or take turns playing games with them. She will compete in many different games with her peers and resolve conflicts easily. She will also play together in a small group of three but doesn’t really like when unexpected activities crop up. She would rather lead than go with the flow. This even played itself out during the evaluation where Fraidy asked the evaluator to have a chance to ask her some questions not the other way around. She exchanges many ideas with her friends but is seldom to use idea’s the friend has shared. The mom mentioned an incident where she even was insulted because one of her friends disagreed with her that a certain American Girl doll was pretty. She understands that all children are unique and the same in one way or …show more content…
Although she scored high, she had some difficulties with adult and peer interaction which were not calculated for. A social and emotional evaluation is recommended. Her personal responsibility skills are a bit below her age level range but that can be due to her environment. She is extremely expressive and receptive and does not need any services in this area. She also has fine motor, gross motor, and perceptive skills which are above the norm. Her reasoning and academic skills prove to be proficient for her age and grade level. Fraidy was also not tested in reading which has been mentioned as a concern. A reading specialist would be required for the next

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