The Red In Into The Woods

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In ‘Once Upon a Time’, Red is plagued by a curse that will turn her into a wolf every full moon. However, she loses the memory when turning into the wolf. Her grandmother conceals the truth and buys her a red cloak from a wizard so as to prevent her being a wolf. She just tells Red that red can repeal wolves and protect her. Eventually, she learns how to control herself while turning into a wolf. But as long as the wolf side of her covered by the red cloak, she will turn back to human. In season 2, episode 7, she wants to run wildly as a wolf, so she disposes of the cloak. The cloak is a magic cloak and is also a presentation of humanity.

4.3 Object 3: The red cape from an American musical film ‘Into the Woods’ in 2014

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She runs into the wolf in the woods. We can see several transform of the girl’s mood. At first, she is just a polite girl who says hello to a wolf. And she tells the wolf where the grandmother’s house without any doubts. This could show that she is too young to be aware of danger. Then, after the wolf sniff her bread, she feels confused and walk away. When the wolf grabs her hood to stop her, then takes the basket away and mess around with her, she just repeats what her mother told her ‘Straight ahead. Not to delay or be misled.’ She keeps reminding herself, do not be tempted. At last, after she sees the flowers that the wolf takes her to, she smiles and feels joyful again. On the other hand, the wolf uses terms ‘Tender and fresh, not one lump’, ‘lush’ and ‘delicious’ to describe the girl. It is obvious that the wolf desire a girl sexually. According to the theatre report magazine Playbill, a high school theatre teacher also considered that the wolf is lascivious, and the relationship between the girl and the wolf is sexual. He ‘lies’ in front of the girl to stop her moving forward. It seems like he uses ‘birds’ and ‘flowers’ as metaphor to persuade her to ‘explore’ the thing she have not experienced. One of the producers, John DeLuca, told The Hollywood Reporter that, the wolf needed to be the temptation of the Little Red Ridding Hood. And make her away the right path, …show more content…
He finds that the girl is picking flowers. He wants to take the cape from her, but he fails. She keeps screaming until he returns the cape back. So the girl continues her journey. When she gets into grandmother’s house, the wolf disguises himself as grandmother and devours her. At the same time, the baker walks by and hears the little girl screaming. So he walks into the house and rescues the girl and her grandmother. The girl wants to say thank you to the baker, she says she feels sorry, but she is excited as well. Many commenters have mentioned that the double-meanings of the song the girl sing in this scene indicate that red is a lust-coloured and how flowers imply virginity. And when the girl says ‘I know things now’, it means this is her respond of the first sexual

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