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Forming the Technological World
There are many legendary people in the world. Such as speakers, teachers, writers, and inventors. We assume the inventors are all men, but hundreds of years ago, a woman helped shape the math and science world into what it is today. The woman's name was Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace was a successful, brilliant woman, who helped create the technological world, even today by being the world's first computer programmer.
The world’s first computer programmer, Augusta Ada Byron, was born on December 10, 1815 in London, England. (“Ada Lovelace”). Her parents were Lord and Lady Byron. They were members of the high British society. (“Ada Lovelace”). Lord Byron was a well known poet, and Lady Byron was a mathematician, known
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(Biographics). In addition, Lady Byron banned poetry, and educated her daughter strictly on mathematics. (Gigold). From the age of four, Ada was tutored in mathematics and science. Lady Byron employed some of the greatest intellectual minds to tutor her daughter. (Biographics). Her mother feared that Ada would turn into her father, to the extent that she made her lay still for long periods of time to develop self-control (Biographics). Ada Lovelace became an expert with numbers and language. At the age of twelve, she became obsessed with birds and flight. She researched what she called "flyology" and eventually conceptualized a flying machine that could flap its wings. For her design she knew she would need paper, silk or feathers, navigational equipment, and steam. (Biographics). On June 5, 1833, Ada was 17, she met Charles Babbage. He was a Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, a position once held by Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. (“Ada Lovelace”). Babbage invited Ada to see a small-scale version of the calculating machine he was working on, called the Difference Engine, which led him to be known as the "father of the computer". (“Ada Lovelace”). Babbage became Ada's mentor. He couldn’t finish his Difference Engine, so it led him to a far more complex machine called the Analytical Engine. (Biographics). Ada was the student, and Babbage …show more content…
Her work was discovered by a scientist, Alan Turing, in the 1940's, during the Second World War. (Biographics). One source says, "She, along with Babbage, essentially paved the way for Turing, who is considered today as the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence" (Biographics). During the 1970's, the US Department of Defense developed a higher-order computer programming language to supersede the hundred of others in the military, it was named "Ada" (Biographics). Ada is still used around the world today in aviation, health care, transportation, financial, and space industries. There is also a medal of achievement in computing named in her honor. (Gigold). Ada now has her own international day to celebrate her. The second Tuesday of October every year is Ada Lovelace day. (Gigold). It was founded in 2009 by Suw Charman-Anderson; its aim is to recognize the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, also known as STEM. Its goal is to increase women in STEM, and create role models who will encourage more women in STEM careers.

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