Essay on Activity Theory, An Introduction For The Writing Classroom

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The way our society was formed, from all the way back in the stone age and even back to the very first societies like Babylon, had many steps it went through to get to the completed place it is now and is in steps now that it will always go through that will change it forever. There are many different types of changes that can happen to a society that has been in existence for that long of a time, and releasing the changes that were made, how they were made, and most importantly why they were made is paramount. In the article “Activity Theory, an introduction for the Writing classroom” Kain and Wardle give us an Idea of an activity theory which “gives us a helpful lens for understanding how people in different communities carry out their activities”. This idea of Activity Theory has multiple parts and directs why and how an activity was done. This can play into the world of writing analysis. Knowing why and how actions were done can help a person understand writing almost exponentially. I will put the Activity theory to the test on an article written by Spacedaily entitled “Study shows insect diversity decreases in gardens with non-native plants” this is an article written on Ecology.
The first part of the Activity Theory is the Subject, this could arguably be the most significant part of the activity theory. It is principle to have an understanding of whatever you are researching. The article I am writing about is on the subject of the effect that nonnative plants had on…

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