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Chapter 1: 1. Which of the following items is a valid leaf object in Active Directory? a. Domain b. User c. Application partition d. OU 2. Which of the following domain controllers can be joined to a forest that is currently set at the Windows Server 2008 forest functional level? a. Windows 2000 b. Windows Server 2003 c. Windows Server 2008 d. Windows NT 4.0 3. You are planning an Active Directory implementation for a company that currently has sales, accounting, and

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a. Computer Management
b. Server Manager
c. Active Directory Users & Computers
d. Active Directory Domains & Trusts

10. Although all writeable domain controllers use multimaster replication, there are certain sensitive operations that can only be controlled by one DC at a time. What is this functionality known as?
a. Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) roles
b. Flexible Multiple Master Operations (FMMO) roles
c. Flexible Single Operations Master (FSOM) roles
d. Flexible Multiple Operations Master (FMOM) roles

11. What is a new installation option in Windows Server 2008 that features a minimal installation footprint designed to run specific infrastructure services?
c. Server Core
d. Web Server Edition

12. What term describes the length of time for which a DNS record is valid, after which it needs to be re- registered?
a. Protocol
b. Priority
c. Weight
d. Time-to-Live

13. What is the process of replicating DNS information from one DNS server to another?
a. Replication
b. DNS push
c. Zone transfer
d. DNS update

14. What type of zone is necessary for computer hostname-to-IP address mappings, which are used for name resolution by a variety of services?
a. Primary lookup
b. Secondary lookup
c. Forward lookup
d. Reverse lookup

15. What feature makes it possible to configure a user as the local administrator of a specific RODC without making the user a Domain Admins with
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