Act One Beginning : Summary Essay

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Act One Beginning As Devlyn sleeps, we watch his little sister Mara get ready for school. She picks out her clothes: a long sleeve striped shirt under a dress complete with black stockings and Mary Janes. She hastily pours herself a bowl of Lucky Charms, spilling it on the counter, then proceeds to pick out the oat pieces until mostly marshmallows remain. She sits at the kitchen table, by herself. She finishes her breakfast, leaves her bowl on the table and starts walking towards her father’s room. A she passes by her brother’s room she knocks loudly on his door and yells, “Wake up, shitlick!”. All she gets is a muffled “Fuck you” in return before he falls back asleep.
She makes her way to her father’s room, calling out, “Apa? It’s seven, are you up?” as she knocks. No answer. She slowly opens the door and peers inside. The sickening smell of rotten blood is overwhelming. She calls out for her dad again, and starts walking in his room. Dried puddles of a dried black liquid a cover the floor with bare footprints scattered through them. She finds her father unconscious and naked, wedged between his bed and the wall and in a pool of dark blood. His mouth, chest, and the back of his legs are caked in dried black blood. She screams for his brother.
In the hospital. their father lays hooked up to numerous tubes and wires. His breathing tube, in addition to pumping oxygen into his lungs, is siphoning blood out into a plastic container on the side of his bed. Periodically he…

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