Act 1 Scene 1 Hamlet Report

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At night in the castle Elsinore, Bernardo, an officer, and Francisco, a soldier, are at their posts. Horatio, a friend to Hamlet, and Marcellus, an officer, enter to the suspicion of Bernardo and Francisco. Therefore, Bernardo asks who’s there. After it is revealed that Marcellus is one of the watchmen, both groups stop being apprehensive. Francisco then leaves in order to sleep. Horatio is ordered to continue to accompany Bernardo and Marcellus because they believe they have found the ghost of the deceased King Hamlet, which has been visible to them for the past two nights. As expected, the ghost briefly appears before vanishing. Horatio is scared but agrees that the ghost seems to be the dead king because the spirit was wearing
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Gunfire and trumpets sound, demonstrating that the new king is following custom by carousing, much to Hamlet’s disgust. To Hamlet, this custom causes other countries to look down on Denmark. The ghost appears and Hamlet attempts to speak with it. The ghost tries to have Hamlet follow him, although Horatio and Marcellus think the ghost might harm Hamlet. Because Hamlet claims not to care for his life and that the ghost can not harm his soul even in the event that he dies, he follows. Horatio and Marcellus think that the ghost and Hamlet following it is a bad omen for Denmark. Marcellus wants to follow Hamlet in order to protect him, so Horatio and Marcellus go after …show more content…
Apparently, because of the change in Hamlet’s behavior, Gertrude and Claudius asked Hamlet’s friends to come in order to either find the cause of his change or fix his mood. Polonius enters into the courtroom to proclaim that Voltimand and Cornelius have returned with news from Norway. Fortinbras, prince of Norway, swore he would never attack Norway after being chided for his threats by the king. Because of this, the king had allowed Fortinbras to attack Poland. The Norwegian king requested of the courtiers that the army have a safe passage in their effort to attack the Poles. Claudius decides to consider the matter and the courtiers leave. Polonius then proceeds to declare that Hamlet is in love with Ophelia and this is the cause of his odd recent behavior. To support his theory, he provides letters that Hamlet wrote Ophelia and suggests that they should hide behind an arras, or curtain, while Hamlet walks through the castle lobby alone. The king approves the plan and, as Hamlet approaches, Polonius goes to talk with him. When Polonius talks to Hamlet, who converses as if he is insane, Hamlet insults Polonius repeatedly. Nevertheless, Polonius is incessant that he must arrange a meeting between Ophelia and Hamlet. When Polonius leaves, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern enter. Although Hamlet consistently asks why his friends have come to visit him, knowing that

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