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Summary of Case Study One of the major issues of many teenagers face is fitting in. he last thing they would want to experience is to lose that confidence because of an unfortunate condition such as breakouts or acne. Especially when they already feel that they are now independent. Unfortunately, Danny is one of these teenagers who are experiencing the problem.

Background of case study disease

Acne is the occurrence of sebum oil mixed with dead cells from the sebaceous gland of the skin that clogs the skin pores. The main cause of acne is the changing hormone level during puberty, which explains why this condition is mostly prevalent among the adolescents population. When the gland does its job of producing oils to protect the skin
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It just not protects us from the environmental hazards, it also regulates our body temperature. Furthermore, it coordinates of an immune response to pathogens and cancers in the skin. In order to understand the skin even more, the top layer of the skin is the epidermis, which prevents the pathogens entering our body, not only that but it only prevents water loss. The layer of the skin where the bumps of a pimple are touched is called the stratum corneum. The breakout of acne actually happens in the hair follicle pores and this can be found the dermis layer. It is where the important functions of the skin take place, this is also where the blood vessel do their job. When a person pops their acne or pimples, the blood that comes out is from this layer.

Furthermore, the dermis contains the accessory structures that are involved in acne. Sebaceous gland is a type of exocrine glands that secrete their contents to the exterior.
Sebaceous glands produce oil (sebum) which keeps the skin oily. The glands are branched and attached to the hair follicle. Blockage of the gland causes acne.
Acne: characterized by plugged hair follicles that form pimples. Caused by bacteria, prevalent in teenage years. (1).

Discussion of Case Study

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