Acl Tears : Women 's Sports Essay

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ACL Tears in Women Have you ever wondered how it feels to tear your ACL? Well, think about tearing your ACL twice! Jenny Demuth lost her starting spot on the Indiana University basketball team the very first day of practice for that season “she had suffered an injury to her ACL, the most devastating three-letter acronym in women’s sports” (Clardie). She tore the ACL that was located in her left knee, and then, by May of that next year, she tore the same ACL once again; that adds up to two tears in thirteen months. This specific circumstance may not mean much to people here in the small town of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, but they have actually experienced the same situation; Brittny Bzdok, a current senior at Pequot Lakes High School, tore her right ACL twice in a timespan of two years and six months, and that goes to show that this is a very common problem in people of all ages. ACL tears have been on the rise, and it can be understood that “such a circumstance isn’t uncommon among women’s basketball players” (Clardie). ACL tears in women have become an “epidemic” (Colosimo). Research has shown that there are reasons that women are more prone to injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, but none have been officially proven. Theories suggest that women are more likely to tear their ACL than men due to their own physical composition, insufficient training, and gender bias they have experienced.
First off, women and men are built very differently, and due to…

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