Achievements In The Life Of Vera Ione Kinney

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To have lived well, laughed often and loved much
To have gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of children
To have filled a niche and accomplished a task
To have left the world better and to have appreciated earth’s beauty and not failed to express it
To have looked for the best in others and to have given the best of yourself
That is achievement.

We mourn the passing, celebrate the life and reflect upon the achievements of this amazing woman, Vera Ione Kinney. It is our hope that every part of our time together will honor Ione’s life and pay tribute to her memory.

We gather as family and friends of Ione’s, to serve as a circle of support for each other as we reflect on her life. We are here to stand with her son Bill and his
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However, at the age of eight, Bill was not the budding musician, which his Mom may have hoped. Bill admits to the lessons “kicking in” later. Ione’s grandson, Nicholas, has picked up the musical torch.

Ione and Oran, who had been a high school star basketball player, married in 1950. Oran had returned home from his distinguished service with the military. The young couple moved to Plainfield where they raised their family and built their lives, but maintained a strong connection with their hometown of Spencer.

Bill recalls that being the first grandchild placed him in the enviable position of his mother, his grandmother Lois and his Uncle Richard spoiling him. When Joe was born, it only added to all of the childhood fun.

As a mother, Ione was very family conscientious. She taught her sons how to properly and compassionately care for their pets. Ione loved animals, especially Pomeranians and Shelties.

Bill and Joe always knew that their Mom would be there to help them navigate life’s possibilities and problems. Her family was Ione’s pride and joy.

After Bill and Angela married, they enjoyed Sunday dinner each week at Ione and Oran’s home. Douglas has his memories of those meals with his grandparents in their house on Raymond
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Ione became the company’s highest paid and one of their most well respected secretaries, because of her talent to quickly and accurately type and prepare legal documents and company minutes.

Ione could type so majestically, her associates would stop working to watch her make the Royal brand typewriter click and sing. Iona was the fastest typist in the West.

You have your memories of Ione tucked safely in your heart, as photographs preserved in an album. At any moment, you can recall those memories and remember the experiences you had, the conversations you held, the love and friendship you shared and the life and laughter she’s given you.

On January 2, 2016, with eighty nine years of experience, Ione’s time on this earth came to an end.

Today, we lay Ione’s body to rest and are thankful that her spirit has been committed into the hands of a loving God. We continue our own journey in a world that no longer contains Ione. But we do so with the expectation of seeing her again.

We will leave this cemetery with thanksgiving, not regret, for Ione’s years were full while she was among us. Touched though we are with sadness, reflecting on her life we are filled with memories, happy and

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