Achievements & Drugs - Achievements And Drugs Essay

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Achievements & Drugs As most of us assume, students succeed and prosper through school to become something they 've always wanted to be. Unfortunately, many students begin to slack off of their school work and begin to fall in the wrong direction. Drugs take a high toll on students. Some use them to forget things or get a feel of calmness to ease them. Students may later become addicted to any type of drug they 've taken. It is no good for them but it is what they 've adapted to. For example, marijuana, pills, and other drugs the most common that many students use. They use it as if it were their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While using these drugs it may cause panic, anxiety, increased heartbeat, and so much more. Some students may still be quite successful in school while on the use of drugs but others aren’t. Students in Dayton, Ohio from the grades 11-12th participated in the Dayton Area Drug Survey (DADS) to see how often they were on the use of drugs. In addition to the survey, they were given a 30-day time frame to work with. According to Russel S. Falck, “Most of the DADS drug use questions mirrored the Monitoring The Future survey (MTF) drug use questions, except the DADS items had one less response option category. Specifically, the frequency response categories of the MTF items incorporated into the DADS ended at "20 or more" occasions of use, whereas the original MTF response options offered "20-39" occasions and terminated with "40 or more" occasions.…

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