Acct 352 Course Project Essay

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Course Project

Section I: Overview
Peachtree is an accounting software program sold by Sage, whose parent company is the Sage Group. The software is geared for use by small- to medium-sized businesses and has progressed through several generations over the years since its conception. Initially, Peachtree was sold by Peachtree Software, a company that was established in 1978. Peachtree accounting software was acquired by the Sage Group in 1998.
When it comes to managing your business, Peachtree accounting software by Sage is one of the most efficient software programs on the market. It can help you keep up with your office books, from payroll to accounting to customer accounts. Peachtree makes life a little easier
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After you have entered the required information, you should save the new customer's record by clicking the Save icon. You are then able to record transactions in Peachtree for that customer. Alternatively, you can click the Save & New icon if you have another customer to set up in Peachtree. To enter the beginning balance owed by customers, click the History tab in the Maintain Customers/Prospects window. Down the bottom of this window, click Customer Beginning Balances. When the tab opens, you can enter the invoice number, date, purchase order number and amount owed by the customer. Click the Save icon to save the beginning accounts receivable balance for that customer. In order to modify the customer record you simply open the Maintain Customers/Prospects window for that customer, make the required changes, and click Save.
2. How can you create customer invoices?
To create a customer invoice, click in the Sales Invoices box. After clicking the box, choose New Sales Invoice. The window to create new invoices will appear, select the customer in the upper-left side of the window, in Customer ID. Define the shipping address in Ship to, in case this address is different from the mailing address. The invoice number will be assigned automatically by Peachtree, when it is printed or e-mailed. In the middle of the window a couple of boxes will appear; these are: Customer PO, Ship Via, Ship date, Terms y Sales Rep. All these windows

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