Essay Accountability in Health Care

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* * * * * Accountability in Health Care * Erika Denton * August 31, 2011 * HCS/475 Instructor David R. Campbell * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Accountability * Accountability in health care is important for management and legal reasons. There are different areas of accountability professional competence, legal and ethical conduct, and financial performance, adequacy of access, public health promotion, and community benefit. Accountability for professional competence is vital to the health care industry due to the significant amount of responsibility health care professionals have for other human beings lives. A health care professional …show more content…
There is often a structure in place to create checks and balances and create a basis to make employees accountable for their performance in their job duties. * The checks and balances process for a successful organization consists of set goals and duties for each position. It outlines what is expected and the ramifications for the goal or duty not being adequately fulfilled. There is also a power structure involved for example the levels of management and the amount of power granted to each level of management so that a process must be went through in the discipline process. If an employee performs poorly there is a disciplinary process the first step may be a verbal warning from the first string of management. The second step may be a written action from the first string of management. The third step may be a final warning from the second string of management. The final step in this process may be termination from the third string of management with the first and second strings of management present to explain the reason for termination. For management positions this process would vary since management is often accountable for the success of their department and the disciplinary process would not consist of as many steps due to the level of responsibility (Setty, 2010). This process has an upwards ladder as well for many successful organizations

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