According to the Assigned Article, "Health Disparity and Structural Violence: How Fear Undermines Health Among Immigrants at Risk for Diabetes, " Narratives Tell the Story of the Interconnectedness Between Fear and

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Similarly, these communication barriers posed feelings of guilt onto those within the research group. Obstacles in communication not only lead to the improper understanding of explained treatment strategies, but prevent successful health tactics to be implemented as their admittance in the facility progresses.

The third identified fear is culture disconnect. People from different ethnicity groups have adapted specific health beliefs in accordance to their lifestyles. These can be seen in the form of home remedies which people use as an alternative to modern pharmaceuticals. More often than not, health care providers do not hold these cultural remedies to a suitable priority, and view them as irrational. (Page-Reeves et al., 2013) Because of this fact, these individuals conceal this information from health care workers. Accordingly, this missing information can put these individuals at an increased risk of adverse effects.

Given these facts, I do agree that structural violence perpetuates health disparity. The fears demonstrated in the article are rational fears. For this reason, these fears have to be viewed as important, and taken into higher levels of consideration by health care workers. This article verifies the concept that health care has to value a greater sense of cultural sensitivity, in order to provide optimal patient care within society today, and the future.


Page-Reeves, J., Niforatos,
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