Essay on Access For Clean Water Is Still A Problem

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Recently in 2011, the total population of our world reached 7 billion and as of December 2015, our current world population is nearing 7.4 billion (Sullivan 2015). The growth of about 80 million additional that we see today has been going on for decades and current trends predict similar rates for the next couple decades. With such a large increase in human population in a relatively short time period compared to the Earth’s history and humanity’s existence, problems major changes in the environment, availability of resources and the quality of our society have emerged in many cities (Islam et al 2013).
Rapid human expansion has cause an increase in the requirement of the most essential resource on the planet, resulting in the drying up of major rivers like the Colorado River and the Yellow River in China (Yang et al 2004). Access to clean water is still a problem in many third world countries today. Over 150 million people in the world today live in areas with a shortage of water, which can lead to a host of other problems like disease, malnutrition and weak economies in those areas (McDonald et al 2011). Another essential resource affected by population growth is the availability of food and ability of our society to effectively provide adequate food for everyone. The increased demand for food puts a lot of stress on the environment in heavily farmed areas and the destruction of forests to provide additional farmland (Geist and Lambin 2002). Even though humanity…

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