Academic Stress During Freshmen College Students Essay

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Academic Stress in Freshmen College Students
Our bodies are delicate towards any kind of exterior or interior disturbance. For example, when bumping any part of the body against a hard surface, the skin of the contacted area becomes sore or even bruised. The soreness or bruises are types of reactions to the impact that disturbed and ruptured the underlying blood vessels of the skin. Likewise, stress is a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs the physical and mental equilibrium of the body. These stimuli are events or lived experiences that trigger production of hormones that dysregulates homeostasis, a process that maintains the stability of the human body’s internal environment (Goldstein, 2007). Stress may be come from exterior forces, in other words, life events, but causes great internal changes in the organism such as emotional balance, sleep habits, and eating disorders. Because of such tremendous internal changes, stress is one of the top worries in people’s minds in modern days.
But what are those life events or experiences that greatly disturb our minds and bodies? Studies have shown that major life changes are one of the main reasons for stress. College freshman students are prone to stress, especially during their first year. In 2005, American College Health Association found that college freshman biggest mental challenge was their academic performance. Of the thirty thousand freshman who participated in the survey,…

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