Essay about Abstinence Only And Comprehensive Sex Education

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Abstinence-only sexual education has been around for a while now and is focused, generally, on one of two types of messages regarding sexual activity: abstinence only or comprehensive sex education. Abstinence-only messages relay that sex should be delayed until marriage for a multitude of reasons including religion, teen pregnancy, and the spreading of sexually transmitted infections. However, there are many false claims in these programs in order to further push teenagers into accepting abstinence as a life choice. The effects of not only the programs but societies opinions on this personal choice range in various negative ways.
Sexual education teachers and school administrators are eagle-eyed on what they allow in classes and criticized in various aspects of the topic. They are handling important life information, yet are not allowed to discuss most of the material that is tied into sex such as contraceptives and STI’s. In 2003, a Tennessee teacher and a Florida teacher were fired because one criticized an abstinence video shown to her class and the others class learned how to, using a banana, appropriately put on a condom [3]. Even abstinence educators cannot shy from the scrutiny of their colleagues (e.g. co-author of “Sex Can Wait” is critiqued on adhering to the law on abstinence education being medically accurate and neutral on religion and abortion [3]). The people that are put in charge of the next generations’ knowledge of procreation do not have the ability to…

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