Abstinence Education And Sexual Education Essay example

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While abstinence truly is the only way to completely prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence only education is an outdated and ineffective method of prevention, leading to higher incidences of unwanted pregnancies and STD’s as well as putting adolescents in danger through miseducation and ignorance. While many agree that sexual education should be taught in schools, the method of this education has become the topic of debate. Despite there being no concrete evidence that Abstinence only sexual education delays sexual activity. In fact, the United States, where abstinence only is taught at the forefront of almost every sexual education program, our teenage STD and pregnancy rates are higher than countries that take a more comprehensive approach to sexual education. With the Dutch starting what they call, “Sexuality Education” as young as kindergarten, and educating based on love and healthy relationships, their incidence of teen pregnancy is nearly 5 times below that of the US. (works cited)
Millions have argued that a more comprehensive approach to sex ed (which includes education about contraception, prevention of STD’s, boundaries and values as well as medically accurate information) makes adolescents more inclined to have sex. On this basis, many state that only abstinence driven Sex education is should be taught to prevent teen sex and the risks associated with it.
Abstinence only sex-ed misses the opportunity to educate students…

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