Absolutism and Louis Xiv Essay

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An absolute monarch is a ruler by divine right who has control over every portion of his kingdom. The most famous absolute monarch, Louis XIV, had the longest reign of any of the French kings. Louis achieved this as a result of his reformed laws, foreign policy, a smart economic advisor, and his decision to deny power to the nobility. Although some of these ideas could be viewed as having a negative impacting on France, overall Louis XIV's absolute government was beneficial to the development of his country.

By restructuring France's laws into one standard legal code Louis gained public support, by showing that he was a fair leader. "The Code", as Louis labeled it, was applicable to everyone (except Louis, of course), and
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Louie's expansionist policies, for example, were not always a wise course of action and created many enemies, including Holland, England and Germany. These wars, as well as investment in Versailles, ultimately emptied the French treasury. Louis also revoked the edict of Nantes , because he felt that Protestants were more likely to rebel because they didn't share his religion. This resulted in many educated and talented people leaving France. These events show that there are some negative trade-offs to having an absolutist government.

Louis's "uneducated" actions did have positive effects. Louis expansionist foreign policy, although it created enemies, allowed France to maintain safer borders, and achieve greater economic success through tax collection and harvesting natural resources. The grand palace of Versailles, although it did bankrupt the country, gave France a public image of civilized glory that is still represented by Versailles today. By revoking the Edict of Nantes, which encouraged Protestants to leave, Louis prevented catholic-protestant feuds from occurring within France. Although many of Louis's actions appeared to be detrimental to France's development, they did in fact encourage France's growth as a nation.

Louis took the power of the Absolutist government and used it to the benefit of the country of France, the people of France, and the

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