Why Is Frederick The Great Successful

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Frederick the Great became king of Prussia in 1740, his reign as absolute monarch was unique and unlike no other. An absolute monarch is a king or queen whose actions are restricted neither by written law nor by custom. The goals of an absolute monarch are to create a successful army, improve the economy, centralize government, and pacify nobility. These are all important because they make the country stronger and more successful because they can protect themselves, make money, and have a strong and successful ruler. Although there are many great absolute monarchs, Frederick the Great of Prussia is the greatest absolute monarch, because he was a military genius, he listened to his people, he changed Prussia’s justice system, and he worked to …show more content…
During his time ruling Prussia, “Frederick would more than double the size of Brandenburg-Prussia...and transform it into one of the most potent military powers in Europe--stronger even than Austria in the Germanies. For his efforts, Frederick would earn the title, ‘The Great’”(Commire). Frederick the Great was so successful when it came to running his military that he was stronger than many European countries, which allowed him to double Prussia’s territory. Due to his great success he would earn the title “Frederick the Great”. There were many different territories of land that were conquered by Frederick the Great of Prussia. This expansion started right “when Frederick became king in 1740, he annexed Silesia, embarking upon a foreign policy which would occupy him for most of the remainder of his reign...Silesia was agriculturally richer and industrially stronger than Brandenburg-Prussia; it was also twice the size and contained double the population. Adding Silesia to the Hohenzollern state would make Frederick’s kingdom a powerful enough political force to rival Austria in the Germanies”(Commire). To annex means to add as an extra part or conquer, meaning Frederick the Great conquered Silesia, which doubled Prussia in size. Frederick the Great conquered Silesea because it had great land for farming and had a much better industrial system than Prussia previously had. This was a significant achievement for Frederick the Great, because it made Prussia powerful enough to compete with countries like Austria. All in all, Frederick was extremely successful during his reign when it came to expanding Prussia’s

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