Abraham Lincoln 's Second Inaugural Address Essay

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Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, a speech delivered on March 4th, 1865, addressed the hostilities among a divided nation. In this speech Lincoln demanded that both the North and the South to put aside the divided conflict and reconcile in order to heal the wound of the divided nation. This speech did not honor the North for their victory of the Civil War, nor did it blame the South for causing the war due to their views on slavery; which was believed to be the cause of the nation’s bloodiest war: the Civil War. In his speech, Lincoln used various types of rhetorical devices, including: pathos, biblical allusions, logos and parallelism to convey hi to convey his message.
Lincoln used pathos to offer a framework for reconciliation and peace among the North and the South. His speech created a feeling of unity and forgiveness to both parties. He repeatedly used words of inclusion to refer to the two parties such as “both”,” all”, and “bind up” to refer to refer to both sides as one body and one country under God. Lincoln stated how both parties “dreaded” and “deprecated” the war; “but one of the sides would make war rather than let the nation survive; and the other would accept the war rather than let it perish” (Abraham Second Inaugural Address). These are all words of emotions used to show that the American people were against the war, which changed many families’ lives. They also personify the war as a war of pettiness, which led to nothing but a culture clash.…

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