Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter Essay examples

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This was a very interesting novel that for me was a book I couldn 't put down. The plot of this work is centered around the hidden diary of Abraham Lincoln, which was given to the author of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Seth Grahame-Smith by the vampire Henry Sturges. The journals go into depth about the details of Abraham Lincoln’s life from boyhood to his death. The journals begin by talking about Lincoln’s upbringing in Little Pigeon Creek. In his youth Lincoln was very attached to his first mother Nancy. Due to his father’s, Thomas, inability to pay a debt to a vampire banker the banker took the life of Nancy as payment for the debt. This causes Abraham to dedicate his life to the extermination of vampires. In the coming year Lincoln would train his body and equip himself with homemade tools. His first challenge would come while hunting the life of the banker who took the life of his mother. Abraham would be successful in this first test and proceed to continue his search for vampires. In his next Lincoln would nearly lose his life but was saved by the vampire Henry Sturges. Henry would nurse and train Lincoln in the coming months. As Lincoln gained the rest of his strength and was urged to go back home Henry made a pact with Lincoln that they would partner together in Abrahams hunt against the vampires. Henry would provide the names and Lincoln would collect the bodies. As Lincoln enters his young adulthood, he earns a job with a friend traveling to New Orleans.…

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