Abraham Lincoln And The Civil War

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History to me has always meant the past. To me when I think of the past I also think of change. I have learned, over the course of this semester that more often than not, people change their minds. I think that when you are learning about the past it can help someone change the future or it can save him or her from making mistakes in the future. Although Lincoln changed his mind about why he was fighting the Civil War, I think that his true intention was to fight against slavery, but he chose the smartest way to tactically bring it up to the public. He started by publically announcing that the war was specifically to unite the nation again and not about the abolition of slavery. Abraham Lincoln was right to think that the cause of the war was …show more content…
This began with the westward movement. With the purchase came more land, which meant the land was to be divided into more states. People started to wonder whether the states would become slave holding states or free states. This led to the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise in my opinion is the event that led us to war. Even though it happened many years before the war began, the Missouri Compromise was the first real push towards war. The compromise made the states that were part of the United States balanced in regards to slave holding or free. It was the beginning of the division in the southern and northern states. The northern states did not approve the idea of Congress allowing …show more content…
It seemed that each event that followed the one before, divided the people more and more. Religion has never really united people if you look back in history. Since everyone has different beliefs it makes for a strong opposing side to each religion. The same goes for politics. When the Federalist Party died after the war of 1812, it gave the opportunity to a new party begin. The new name for the opposing political side was the Republican Party. The Republican Party rose during the mid to late 19th century and was favorable in the North. Lincoln was the first republican president to take office and as we have seen time and time again, people do not like change. His ideas and way of thinking was different than the original democratic, pro-slavery holding people thought.
Lincoln made the right decision fighting for the civil war. I do not think there was another alternative. If he would have allowed the south to get away with seceding it would have given every state more power and believe that they had more control over the president. I think if they would have tried to reason with the south they would have pushed back harder and caught the northerners at a disadvantage because they would not have been prepared for any battles. Overall I think that slavery was the most influential cause factor of the Civil War. The war began by two separate parties with two very different,

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