Which American President Was The Most Innocent

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Which American president was the most innocent? Abraham Lincoln, he was in a cent (innocent). The Civil War was the bloodiest sectional conflict which opposed the Union against the Confederate states, resulting in casualties of more than 600,000 Northern and Southern soldiers. Since the beginning, the North and South had been divided and several acts were passed to preserve the delicate balance. These resolutions included the Northwest Ordinance, high protective tariffs, and most importantly, The Compromise of 1850. The United States was evenly divided with fifteen free states and fifteen slave states through the Compromise of 1850, until the additions of new territories resulted from the Mexican War. The balance was in jeopardy and the United …show more content…
One of the major differences between political parties were arguments for and against slavery. A cartoon depicts the caning of Charles Sumner, an abolitionist from Massachusetts who delivered a speech titled, “Crime against Kansas” and was beaten by Preston Brooks, an advocate of slavery (Doc. K). This affair proved that by the mid-1850, there were limits on what could safely be debated in Congress and even in the country. The issue of slavery was becoming more volatile, and the downright violence, even in the senate, was a highly menacing sign for the entire nation. Moreover, the slave debate also caused one of the most controversial decisions in the Supreme Court. The Dred Scott Decision included Dred Scott, a slave whose owner took him to the free North, and after returning to Missouri, Scott sued his owner’s wife. Judge Roger Taney concluded that the Declaration of Independence shows that slaves and their descendants, whether they were free or not, were never part of “The People,” but instead, they were considered property (Doc. L). The decision inflamed public opinion in the North, which led to solidification of antislavery opinions and a growing popularity for the new anti slavery Republican Party. It was also the incentive behind the closing events leading up to secession and gave Southern Democrats little hope for future compromises. Ultimately, the election of 1860 was the final trigger to the Civil war. A map of the election depicts that Abraham Lincoln, a Republican candidate from Illinois, was against expansion of slavery and received the most electoral and popular votes from only the Northern free states. Lincoln would pose a substantial threat to the political and economic interests of the slaveholding South. This would also cause Southern states to secede from the Union and the divided nation would soon be engaged in a Civil

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