Abraham Lincoln Perseverance For Strength Research Paper

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A final reason is that, Abraham used honesty to face challenges. Firstly, Abraham Lincoln had a reputation of being honest. For example, Reference.com, online source, cites that Abraham Lincoln was commonly known as “Honest Abe” because he was not afraid to Abraham Lincoln’s Grit “You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong,” quote by Abraham Lincoln. Grit is using perseverance, passion and courage to face life’s difficult challenges. Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president of the United States. He played a huge part in abolishing slavery. He is also known as one of the greatest American leaders of all time. Abraham Lincoln used perseverance, passion and motivation to overcome obstacles. For starters, Abraham Lincoln used perseverance to overcome adversity. Firstly, Abraham persevered through the loss of his two sons. For example, Kazan Today, online source, cites even after losing two …show more content…
Firstly, Abraham Lincoln was a brilliant leader. For instance, Mark C. Crowley author of online source, cites Lincoln led brilliantly, not with his mind, but also his heart (Crowley). Thus, Passion is what made him such a great leader. Secondly, passion is what helped Abraham stick through his marriage. For example, Historynet.com, online source, shares many stories have been told about Mary Todd berating Lincoln, chasing him out of the house, and even striking him (Mary). Therefore, Abraham used passion to keep his marriage alive. Thirdly, Lincoln was passionate about his plan to free slaves. For instance, Michael Burlingame, Professor Washington College, points out that a lot of people disliked Abraham Lincoln because he wanted to abolish slavery. Even though they disliked him he still stuck to his plan and became one of the greatest leaders (Burlingame). Hence, Abraham Lincoln was deeply passionate about sticking to his plan. For all these reasons, Abraham Lincoln used passion to overcome

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