Abortions Have A Justified Moral Foundation Essay

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Within the last decade, abortions have been a controversial topic in almost all sectors of life: politics, religion, and healthcare, for example. As a future health care professional, I believe in the importance of treating people for the greater good by putting aside my own reservations or opinions and seeking to improve the health and health education of others. After extensive research, I believe that abortions have a justified moral foundation. The examination of three key elements within an abortion procedure: the health professionals, the patient, and the fetus provide an understanding and the necessary ethical support for the validity of abortions. The Hippocratic Oath, commonly known as the ethical code for health professionals, describes a practitioner’s responsibility to a patient. Essentially they pledge to look after patients’ well-being; therefore, if a pregnancy is life threatening to a mother the Hippocratic Oath supports the moral foundation of an abortion. Furthermore, without an abortion option, a woman can feel “backed into a corner” as a result of her right to bodily autonomy is taken away. The fetus, moreover, is the final component of the abortion process. The argument surrounding the fetus primarily pertains to status of the fetus and whether or not it can be classified as a human; leading to further dilemma of the fetus’ moral standing.
At the beginning of their careers, health professionals pledge to uphold the Hippocratic Oath which is the ethical…

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