Essay about Abortion Should Not Be Banned

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Right to Choose Abortion is perceived by some religions to be a heinous act, acceptable in no circumstances. It is claimed to be immoral by non-religious groups, and others believe a woman should live with the consequences of her actions. Other cultures view abortion as a regulatory procedure necessary to maintain existing lives. A woman has the right to choose whether or not she gets an abortion regardless of age, social status, religion, and financial situation. Despite religion, America is not a theocratic society in which the rules of the bible are followed by all citizens. Abortion is a fundamental right that all women deserve access to. Medically, abortions are common and meant to be performed by a licensed professional. The amount of children being put up for adoption due to the lack of abortion services is overwhelming to adoption agencies. Abortion should not be banned under any circumstances. The belief of a single person does not trump the belief of another. In other words, regardless of whether or not abortion goes against someone’s religious beliefs, they do not have the right to decide what another person is to do with their body. Although their viewpoints are respected, no one else should be forced to abide by those rules because of someone else 's beliefs. Reverent Frank A. Pavone is a Roman Catholic priest and a pro-life activist. He is the national director of “Priests for Life” and the president of National Pro-Life Religious Council. Reverend Frank A.…

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