Essay Abortion Is Not A Controversial Issue

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Because of the moral standards of society, abortions are becoming a more controversial issue. In this paper, I intend to argue against Don Marquis’s argument that a fetus’ having a potential “future just like ours” is a sufficient statement for claiming that “abortion is, except possibly in rare cases, seriously immoral, that it is in the same category as killing an innocent human being” (p.183). I will first explain Marquis’ “future just like ours” theory which is used to prove his argument that abortion is wrong. While Marquis claims that a future is a natural property that is attached to fetuses and any human beings, I want to argue that there is a difference between future and the natural property. Second, I want to argue against his statement that fetuses have “valuable future just like ours,” and also question what it means to have a “future of value.” And lastly, assuming Marquis’s “future like ours” theory is correct, the theory still needs to under the circumstance if a fetus were considered a person who can have potential future like ours. Neither one of the statements establish, that the abortion is morally impermissible would not be a sufficient argument. So I would like to argue why it is morally permissible to abort on the grounds that a fetus is not regarded as a human existence.
Marquis argues that abortion destroys a fetus’s future, which has great value just like ours. So if we all agree that killing an adult who has a future of great value is morally…

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