Abortion Is A Violation Of Human Rights Essay

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Reasons to be Against Abortion
Have you wondered how much abortion has happened since the time of legalizing abortion in the US? Since the legalization of abortion in the US at the time of the Roe v. Wade, the infamous Supreme court decision, there has been 55,772,015 abortions [Add source]. Half of the pregnancies are not planned and 4 in 10 of them are killed by abortion. At the current rate, one third of American women will have an abortion. Also women who are in their 20s have the highest abortion rates (U.S. Abortion Statistics). The statistics continue to be very disconcerting. In fact, 10% of women have complications during their first abortion, but after that, the percentage is much higher during the second trimester (Abortion Risks). Mostly, 89% of all abortions happen in the first trimester of pregnancy. Abortion is unacceptable because it is a violation of human rights, it is dangerous for the people involved, and it negatively affects families.
There are two main reasons why abortion violates human rights. The first reason is the unborn child is still a person. According to the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, the organization states that the premise of this act is that a fetus is a human being regardless of their time on Earth (Procon). Another reason is that killing people is wrong even if they are not born, which is recognized by the U.S government. They say that the fetus has human rights (Abortion:Pros and Cons). Having an abortion would violate that…

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