Essay Abortion Is A Controversial Subject

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Abortion is a controversial subject. We inform ourselves of several things before we make conclusions of what is right or wrong. What is abortion in biological terms? How and when can one get an abortion if they should want one? Is it right or wrong? Most importantly, what does the Bible say about it? Abortion may be controversial, but like any other problem a person can come to a conclusion for themselves. First of all what is the biological definition of abortion? Biology says the life cycle of the human is just the same as any other sexual animal. To become a human an egg and a sperm must connect with the mother from here it becomes what we know as another human being. When the Supreme Court legalized abortion in Roe vs. Wade, they did so on the premise that there is a point when the fetus becomes a human. Biology shows that a human is a human being all along. When the world tries to say there is a transition point from a fetus to a living human being, they are not telling the truth. “It is a figment of the human imagination, a transparent attempt to rationalize and justify the termination of helpless, innocent human life in the womb.” Now that we know what biology thinks about abortion, let’s take a look at the ways abortion is performed. Abortion is performed either surgically, medically, surgically, or chemically. I will give an overview of each.
Surgical abortion procedures include tearing the baby away from one of the safest places on earth. They…

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