Abortion : A Controversial Topic Essay

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Abortion is a very controversial topic; there is a positive side and a negative side to getting an abortion. Abortion is the removal of an embryo from a woman 's uterus in order to end a pregnancy. Abortion can be one of the hardest decisions a woman ever has to make. The rights of the mother should be considered as well as the rights of the child. If a time comes in a woman 's life where she has to decide if abortion is right for her she should first consider all of her options.

The moment woman becomes pregnant, her body starts caring for another person who is living and growing inside of her. A women should feel elated when she learns the news, but sometimes there are problems with the pregnancy. There are times when if a pregnancy continues it might kill the mother, and if the mother dies the child will die. If the pregnancy is ended, the child will die but the mother will live. In both cases the child dies, but with the second case the mother gets to keep her life. It is better to save one life than to lose two. When a pregnancy threatens a mother’s life everything possible should be done in order to save her life, and if at all possible, the child 's life. If the mother is in the second half of her pregnancy, induced labor is a possible way to save both lives. The child might have to stay in neonatal care for a time, but even then it has a higher chance of living than if the troubled pregnancy had continued.

A major problem a soon to be mother can…

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