Aboriginal Women in the Criminal Justice System of Canada: Insights Into Corrections

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Canada’s Criminal Justice System (CJS) is no way perfect and often argued to criminalize certain groups within society. Specifically, Aboriginal women as offenders in corrections have faced many difficulties. They often are sentenced younger, more often and for longer sentences than non-Aboriginal offenders. The over incarceration, over representation and criminalization of Aboriginal women within the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is attributable to a legacy of colonialism and sexism which placed them at a vulnerable place within society. Canada’s public policy post WWII regarding, social welfare, education and the labour market, exhibit how colonialism and sexism have created unfavorable cultural and socio-economic
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Arguably the systemic hierarchies and euro centrist assumptions of how wider society should function have continued since the first settlers arrived and is reflected in Canada’s public policy. Aboriginal peoples have experienced the most entrenched racial discrimination of any group within Canada. Discrimination against Aboriginal people has been a central policy of Canadian government. According to Quijano, the notion of separate races, in its modern meaning, does not have a known history before colonization ( Quijano 534). Modern society is often mislabelled as being in a state of post-colonialism or decolonialism, which suggests that colonialism no longer exist, when on the contrary this system of power and oppression is so pervasive and present today into he lived experiences of Aboriginal people and their descendants. The colonization of Aboriginal people continues today, not only as a consequence of the Indian Act, land thefts, residential schools, but also as a result of child welfare, social services, health, education and economic policies. The Canadian Government has historically produced policies aiming to control Aboriginal ways of life. The education system has been used as a tool for the cultural assimilation of Aboriginal Canadians and the material taught in Canadian schools focuses on the culture, history and reality of non‐Aboriginal

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