Aboriginal People Make Up Only 3 % Of Australia 's Total Population

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As you are reading this article today, remember that although Aboriginal people make up only 3% of Australia’s total population, they represent over 28% (9,940 adult prisoners) of Australia’s prison population in 2015 and this number is rising. To combat this issue, the Murri Court was established.
The Murri Court was founded in Queensland in 2002 in response to the increasing representation of Indigenous Australian people in prison. This court sentences Indigenous offenders who plead guilty to offences which fall within the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court, for example assault or theft. His Honour, Judge Irwin quoted, “there is a way we can do better for indigenous people and reduce their level of over representation in the prison population,” therefore, taking this into account, the Murri Court was established as an initiative of the Courts Innovation Program (CIP). The CIP program relates to bail and sentencing options which provide opportunities for behavioural change and also for the treatment of influences relating to offending behaviour. The court has been credited with reducing recidivism rates and also for increasing Indigenous attendance rates in court.
As Indigenous people have alternate ways of dealing with offences, “the Murri Court can be very powerful on a spiritual or emotional level. It uses the natural authority of Elders to condemn the offender’s actions, but support him or her as a person. It formalises the authority of Elders, enhances respect…

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