Aboriginal Australians And Aboriginal People And Their Culture

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Over many years the introduction of legislations and policies by the Australian Government has had detrimental impacts upon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This essay will focus on Aboriginal Australians and will examine the legislation and the subsequent impact upon Aboriginal people and their culture. The legislations discussed will highlight how the Australian Government utilized policy to control every aspect of Aboriginal Australian’s lives. The ongoing implications of these policies as well as the current legislations concerning Aboriginal Australians will be discussed.

The arrival of European settlers in 1788 marked the end of a peaceful existence for Aboriginal Australians. In the years to come, European settlers introduced a number of legislations in an attempt to control Aboriginal Australians and to assimilate them into their European civilisation. The majority of policies and legislation began after the Constitution of Australia in 1901. Before this there were limited official regulations accompanied by unlawful war and excessive violence towards Aboriginal Australians.

One of the earliest legislations recorded is the 1884 Oaths Amendment. This legislation enabled Aboriginal evidence to be heard in criminal proceedings (Wearne 1980). In that same year the Native Labourers Protection Act sought to prevent manipulation of Aboriginal men to work on coastal vessels and also sought to investigate the abuse of women on these vessels (Wearne 1980). In…

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