Abolishment Of The Death Penalty In The United States

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The death penalty has affected countries around the world. The primary focus is to decrease the execution rate worldwide. 97 countries have abolished the death penalty completely for all crimes, 8 have abolished it for normal crimes, and 36 do not execute the death penalty but it still remains in their law as of March of 2012 (Dammer, 2014).Countries that have decided to abolish the death penalty have the right to. The Treaty of Lisbon was passed on December 1, 2009 to refuse the exchange of goods from Europe with countries that still use the death penalty. There are international standards that are related to capital punishment even though it is not customary law. The international standards state that only for severe crime capital punishment …show more content…
The United States is being accused of violating an individual’s Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment Rights. The international believe that the United State belief towards the death penalty will have an effect on the transnational crimes such as terrorism. Since the United States still use the death penalty as a form of punishment, countries such as France, Germany, Canada, and Mexico refuse to send individuals back to the United States if they have escaped and wanted in the United States. These countries will not extradite these criminals because they believe that the United States should not be using execution as a form of punishment. The abolishment of the death penalty may be the best thing to happen because offender’s charges are being overturned due to lack of evidence and legal mistakes made. Americans attitudes are beginning to change towards the death penalty for several reasons. (Greenberg, 2008). People living in America are starting to believe that the death penalty is inhumane and is an act cruel and unusual punishment. It is unknown if the pressure from countries and citizens of the United States may make the government decide to move towards abolishing the death penalty as a whole.
Many people believe that the death penalty should be abolished because it discriminates against racial minorities. Statistics states that 35% Blacks, 56% Whites, 7%

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