Abolishing The Electoral College As Our Means Of Electing A President

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Abolishing the Electoral College as our Means of Electing a President
As voters we are taught to believe that everyone’s vote matters and everyone has an equal say, especially when it comes to electing a president, however that is not an accurate statement; although the system of electing our president has been relatively unchanged since our constitution was written, the truth of the matter is that the ultimate choice of who our next President will be, is decided by an Electoral College. Using an Electoral College means that we as voters indirectly elect the next president, what we are really doing is providing a mere suggestion that is submitted as a vote that is then tallied by the electors and whichever party has the most votes in the end gets all of the Electoral College votes from that state. There are those who defend the use of an Electoral College and there are those who oppose this system of electing our President.
In this paper I will explain why we should change our system of electing a president, so that we the people directly vote for our next president. We should allow voters to directly vote for the president because using an Electoral College can allow a person to become president despite losing the popular vote, using an Electoral College also undermines the very nature of what it means to be a Democracy. We should also switch to allow voters to directly elect the president, because it would incentivize candidates to campaign…

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