Abolish Reliance On SAT And SAT Scores

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Recently, there has been a great deal of controversy about whether or not colleges should abolish reliance on SAT or ACT scores in the admissions process. Many believe that colleges should indeed do away with relying on these scores, and for multiple, valid reasons. The two exam scores play an unjust and inaccurate role in determining the admission of students into a college or university. The scores primarily measure the students ' test-taking abilities. College students are expected to have favorable work ethics, an excellent sense of responsibility, and adequate to superb knowledge in order to be a successful student. High school GPA was established to identify students with these characteristics. Therefore, measuring test-taking abilities is an inaccurate, and incorrect, way of determining a student 's admittance into college, because standardized test scores may not properly represent the student 's ability to perform academically, and colleges should depend on high school transcripts in the college admissions process. Wealthier families are able to …show more content…
There are too many negative sides to relying on those scores to continue relying on them. As colleges begin to rely on high school transcripts in their admissions, they will also begin to notice that a greater amount of the admitted students in the freshman class are successful because they have the skills needed to become successful. These necessary skills are the direct result of striving to succeed in high school. Those that fall into the habit of being determined to succeed in high school will stay in that habit and it then becomes a personality trait. The ACT and SAT does not, and can not, judge a students drive for success, or work ethic. The only thing that can, and most certainly will, show that a student has what it takes to be a worthwhile student is the records of the four years they

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